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Knitting a Scarf in the Round

Well, after the wonderful responses in my last post I am eager to ask my next question. :)

First off, though, thank you guys for the responses! I was a bit overjoyed with the answers I received; unfortunately it's rare to be in an LJ community as helpful (or maybe I'm just getting to see too much snark these days) as this one is. Thank you guys so much!

I'll focus on one thing for this post.

Namely, I'm trying to figure out how to knit a scarf in the round. I haven't tried it yet because, quite frankly, I'm not sure what type of needles to get. That and I am not sure how knit-in-the-round actually works on a scarf (I know I need to try it). I am again looking at the Leaky Cauldron's HP scarf pattern and it calls for US 6 or 8 needles, 12-16" long. Easy enough, yes, I just need to figure out what type of yarn I'm going to try before I buy those.

However, when you knit a scarf in the round, do you join the ends (and doesn't this create a tube rather than a flat item?) Or do you go back and forth like normal knitting? I guess my confusion is resulting from finding plenty of videos that show knitting-in-the-round in the beginning, but never really get past the first row. I also know (or so I've read, at least) that when you knit something in the round, you typically want circular needles that are the same length/slightly smaller than the length of the item you're going to knit; does this apply to scarves knit this way as well?

As before, any help you guys can offer me would be fantastic. If anyone has a link to a video that shows something similar to what I'm trying to figure out, I'd greatly appreciate that too. :) Thanks!
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